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BobbePIN is Proud to Feature Korrupt Label Deconstructed Graphic Tees

30 Jun

At BobbePin we go GaGa over awesome tees, so imagine how excited we were when we came across Theo (one ½ of the partnership) of Korrupt Label at the Treasure Island Flea. This is a small but highly relevant   graphic tee line that does design and manufacturing in Oakland and pays enormous attention to detail and quality.

The Designer Henry Miyoshi was born in Thailand and raised with a punk rock ethos and a DIY mentality and it shows in his deconstructed, highly detailed graphic tee shirts and hoodies that are layered with text, images and patches and proudly made in West Oakland California, or as it’s known locally OakTown.

Unlike many Graphic Tee designers you won’t find PhotoShop in his studio, he believes in a low-tech approach, using a highly detailed process that includes copy machines to size images and then resizes on old-fashioned collage and paste-ups to create new images and screens for painting. When we visited the studio he had a bucket full of patches in water with 200 opened tee bags, waiting for mold to develop to get the right effect! We aren’t lying see pic below.

Looking at his designs you can see Henry has a fascination with Russian Revolutionary art/posters, Propoganda war posters, disease & destruction and eloquently pulls them together with insects, we can only imagine what his favorite movies are. These are truly art, wearable art.

You can find Theo at most local events and he will be more than willing to describe the whole process, he is that proud of his Partners product.

We believe in this somewhat overcrowded space we have found a truly unique artist, Henry Miyoshi of Korrupt Label.